Libyan Trademark Official Gazette System

We are pleased to announce to the Intellectual Property community the release of the Online Libyan Trademark Official Gazette application (LTMOG).

LTMOG contains 19,467 published trademarks with all related information and actions; including recordal change of owner's name, recordal change of owner's address, recordal change of trademark print, assignments, corrected application and refused (published by mistake) applications and much more.

All information is also available in English language to facilitate a bilingual search; Arabic and English.

We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback.

Features For LTMOG

  • All published trademark applications are available in Arabic and English Language.
  • Dashboard with direct access to what is important.
  • Internal Personal Messaging System through which you can: communicate with Administrator, respond to received messages, view and archive messages. The option to receive email notification of newly received messages is also available.
  • Dynamic Event Calendar through which you can: track tasks related to trademarks and opposition due dates and more. Clients can share events with Administrator. Events can span multiple days. Set times and event details. Update, edit and delete events on the fly.
  • PayPal payment integration.
  • View and print receipts and invoices.
  • Make invoice payments directly from the invoice page.
  • Search, view, copy and print published trademark applications.
  • Advanced search techniques.
  • Add and delete applications from the Favorite list.
  • and much more…